Laban’s Space Harmony is a rich map describing how the body moves and organizes.  How does the body move differently in ballet, fencing, golf, tai chi to karate. How does the coordination change as the body makes different shapes in space?

April 19-22 we will explore how Space Harmony teaches you how the body moves 3 dimensionally. Pilates Mat:  Spine Stretch Forward, Saw and Circular Saw are examples of how the body changes to adapt to the spatial demand.

Embodied Anatomy: Pilates Mat class. $18.  Tuesdays  2:30-3:30 PM
Embodied Anatomy: Pilates Reformer Class  8 persons $35.  Fridays  1:30-2:30 PM

Schedule for April and May

  • Space Harmony- Bringing Spiral Movement to Pilates Repertory
    April 21-24
  • Knee Me – a Relationship between the knee and Hip.
    April 28 – May 1
  • Kissable Available Neck – How the Forward Head changes our connections
    May 5-8
  • I am Walking Yessiree! Improving our Gait
    May 12-15
  • Sensing the Psoas
    May 19-22
    See workshop Sensing the Psoas Thursday May 21 1 – 4 PM
  • Having a Leg to Stand on: Improving leg function in standing
    May 26-29