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Friday October 27, 2017 with Lesley Powell

Your feet are the foundation for your body. If your feet have loss it’s flexibility and strength, it will affect your posture, your core and your wellbeing.

This workshop will explore the anatomy and mechanics of the foot. By improving the function of your foot is the stepping stone to better fitness, posture and gait. We are especially looking at retraining the foot mechanics in relationship to posture and walking.



Friday, October 13, 2017 to Sunday, October 15, 2017

Saturday Morning, 10/14/2017

Biotensegrity and Pilates: A New Model of Movement

with Lesley Powell

New discoveries in science are making us look at the body and movement in new ways. Fascial science and the concepts of biotensegrity are providing a new framework for understanding the foundation of support within our bodies. Graham Scharr and Rudolph Laban both were fascinated by numerous examples of geometric patterns and shapes in nature and their relationship to the body. Learn about these new models and how they can inform Pilates practice and teaching.
Appropriate for comprehensively trained instructors.
Sunday Afternoon, 10/15/2017

PNF and Pilates: Bringing the Spiral Home

with Lesley Powell
PNF, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, is a unique system for bringing 3-dimensional movements to all the joints of the body. The PNF patterns are reflective of many actions that we do daily and in our movement lives. We are going to explore the PNF patterns of the limbs and how we can adapt them into the Pilates repertory.
Appropriate for comprehensively trained instructors.
Below Video of PNF exercises

3D Spine  Workshop 

11/17 4-7 PM at Erika Bloom Pilates NYC
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3-D Spine we’ll learn about understanding how the spine works especially in spiral movement. Part of back problems is poor mechanics of the spine. We will explore improving the movement and support of the spine and its applications to the Pilates workout.

“Reflections” – Watercolor by Lesley A. Powell