Upcoming Workshops 2020

Knee Me – Improving the relationship
between the Knee and Hip 

With Lesley Powell
TBA $60
Space Pilates – 900 Broadway #808

The knee is a vulnerable challenged joint. Healthy and well aligned knees help with efficient function. However, incorrect alignment, lack of proper training and injury can cause the knees to become painful as ligaments, joints and muscles are strained. We will look how the knee and hips influence the function of the knees. Open chain is important for building connections. Closed chain especially standing is a different organization. Closed chain is the leading coordinations for Gait and changing of levels.  


        • Understand the anatomy of the leg and its affect on the knee
        • Experience how the function of the knees relates to your hips and feet. 
        • Use Pilates repertory to improve function and balance of 
        • Applications for climbing stairs and walking

Sensing the Psoas 

with Lesley Powell
TBA, 2:15-5:15pm
Where: Spencer Pilates Arts, 2nd floor
Cost: Early bird special: $125 
After March 7th: $140

Embodiment of the Psoas is about waking the senses in your body. Drawing is the sense of touch. Drawing will teach us about the structures of the iliopsoas in our torso. Our mapping the Psoas will teach us about the space the iliopsoas has in our body. The movement class using pilates will explore the connections of the Psoas and the feelings of good healthy function.

All are welcome. No experience necessary in drawing.
1 1/2 hr drawing and mapping the Psoas
1 1/2 hr movement class

Anatomy Dances: The Dance of Gait

with Lesley Powell
April 26, 2020 10-5 PM. $275

Morning Session only $150
Full day workshop $275
at Westside Dance Physical Therapy. 53 Columbus Ave.. #402 NYC

To register: movementsafoot@me.com. 917-902-6301

We take walking for granted.  When we lose the ability to walk comfortably, we lose our freedom to do things.  Poor posture, lack of strength and mobility and diminishing balance skills affect our gait.  This workshop is an introduction to how the body moves in gait and how as trainers we can plan a workout that encourages better walking skills.  


  • Improve walking skills with muscular training and balance skills
  • Learn observation skills about gait
  • Address muscular imbalances in 
  • Coordinations of foot, knee, hip, spine and arms in relationship to gait

Workshop day 10 AM – 5 PM

10 AM – 1 PM  Embodied Movement class
This is a two hour movement class exploring the theme of each workshop. Exploration will go over bone rhythms and learning how to enhance proper movement sequencing for healthy function. The third hour will highlighting principles of movement class and deeper understanding off Embodied Anatomy.

2 PM – 5 PM Taking it to the next level
This part of the workshop will go deeper into Embodied Anatomy, how to improve function and applications using Pilates and yoga equipment.

Anatomy Dances is about the shifting dances around the body to create and support movement.  Lesley A. Powell brings together her studies of anatomy, Bartenieff Fundamentalstm, Biotensegrity, dance, fitness training, Laban’s Space Harmony, Pilates, somatic practices and yoga.  Past learning of anatomy is to see the body in parts. Sometimes learning needs to start basic by learning names of bones and muscles. Eventually one has to come to see the body as a complex coordination of phrasing of muscles around our joints.

For more information and to register:
Email: movementsafoot@me.com 

For more information and to register:
Email: movementsafoot@me.com 

Knee Me 3/28/2020
Sensing the Psoas 3/29/2020
Dance of Gait  4/26/2020

“Reflections” – Watercolor by Lesley A. Powell