The first four sections will include:

Balanced Body New Program: Advanced Movement Principles

  • Understanding the Body in Motion
  • Help you develop strong critical reasoning skills to work with healthy and injured clients safely and effectively.
  • Deepen your understanding of the body in motion in both functional and pathological situations.
  • Expand your ability to observe, analyze and prescribe exercises to improve your client’s essential movement skills.
  • Help you learn how to collaborate with medical and allied health professionals successfully.
  • Expand your heart, broaden your mind, and increase your ability to work compassionately and effectively with all clients.
  1. Anatomy, pathologies, movement principles
  2. Assessment, exercise techniques, program design
  3. Reading assignments, case studies, personal practice
    • 3 years teaching experience, completion of Balanced Body Movement Principles course

This program will run over a 2 year period to give you time to absorb the materials, work on applications in your practice and written case studies.

  • Online videos about the information needed to understand Anatomy, pathologies and movement principles.  These videos are available for you for a lifetime.  There are also written materials that compliment the videos as well.
  • Live workshops about assessment, exercise techniques, program design
  • 5 hours of group mentoring for each section.
  • I will be teaching the first section of Low Back this November. 

Prior to the Low Back Assessment live workshop you will need to complete. 

  • Balanced Body Movement Principles course if not completed for full certification
  • Online video of introduction of the program and low back

Advanced Movement Principles with Lesley Powell
September 27-28. Low Back
March 28-30, 2025 Upper Body
August 8-10, 2025 Lower Body
Where: Space Pilates – 36 W 20th st, 2nd Floor
New York, New York

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