Embodied Anatomy

Exploring your Body
with New Awareness

Online classes
with Lesley Powell


Online Classes

  • Pilates Mat
  • Bartenieff Fundamentalstm
  • Pilates Reformer
    Live and Online

On Demand Video Classes

  • Embodied Anatomy Pilates Mat
  • Afoot Barre
  • Parasetter

Embodied Anatomy
Mat Classes


Movements Afoot’s Embodied Anatomy Classes takes your movement practice to a new level.  When your focus is more in tune with your body, your body learns a better way of moving for strength and mobility.

Every week there is a theme for the class about your body threaded through a Pilates Mat class.   Changing the focus on your body each week brings new intelligence to your fitness and understanding of the amazing body that we have.

Monthly themes for all Classes
Connections is coordinations.   
  • First Week: Breath, Lungs & Ribs
  • Second Week:  Serape Affect: Core to Arms
  • Third Week: Hippiness
  • Fourth Week:  Foot Happy

Mat class

  • foam yoga block or book
  • theraband, yoga strap or long scarf
  • chair
Online Classes
  • Embodied Anatomy: Pilates Mat class
    Mondays 2:15 – 3:15 PM
  • Online Demand Vimeo Classes $15
    Take recorded online classes anytime

Single Class for Embodied Anatomy: Pilates Mat class. $20
Class cards are available.

Video will be made of the class.  Good for one week.

Vimeo on Demand

Embodied Anatomy: Pilates Mat Class 
Afoot Barre Online Demand

Afoot Barre brings together the best of how the ballet barre teaches you about your legs in standing, Pilates Connection of full body action and yoga.  

A true ballet barre is a wonderful workout for your legs, hips and whole body with flow and fluidity.  It starts by warming up all of your joints from the feet to your head slowly. The barre builds to faster and more demanding coordination of your whole body.  It is a workout of your brain and entire body.

Especially with ACL tears in my knees, getting back to the ballet barre and standing poses of yoga have helped my physicality.  Being older and with an injury, maintaining my physicality is essential.  Walking up stairs can be uncomfortable if I don’t keep up this kind of workout.

For all levels. No dancing experience necessary.

Good for one month. Make sure you apply it to the class that you want to attend.

Good for three months. Make sure you apply it to the class that you want to attend.

Any financial difficulties, please email me about taking class at a price that you can afford.

Embodied Anatomy Reformer Classes

Embodied Anatomy Reformer Series: Muscular Slings

3 Fridays  3:30 PM October 27, November 3 & 10
Online.   $120
Recording is available. Good for one week 

Muscular slings is a concept to describe the interconnected network of muscles and fascia in the body.  These slings work together to produce movement and maintain stability. Muscular slings shifts our thinking about the body as parts, but to a new interconnectedness of the body’s structures and systems.