Embodied Anatomy:

Exploring Pilates Repertory

with New Awareness

Online classes with Lesley Powell


Online Classes

  • Pilates Mat
  • Parasetter
  • Pilates Reformer


Online Pilates Mat &
Parasetter class


Single Class $18.
3 class card $45 (good for a month only)

Video will be made of the class.  Good for one month.

Online Classes

  • Embodied Anatomy: Pilates Mat class
    Tuesdays 2:30-3:30 PM
  • Parasetter & Foam Roll Class
    Saturdays 10:00 – 11:00 AM


Embodied Anatomy: Pilates Reformer Class  8 persons
$35  3 class card $90
(Good for a month only)
Fridays  1:30-2:30 PM  ends August 21, 2020

Online Parasetter/Foam Roll Class

Saturdays 10 AMwith Lesley Powell

The Parasetter is a biconvex roll with a center channel to precisely support your thoracic rib cage and allow the spine to float freely. Lying on the Parasetter gives three dimensional feedback about ones ability to use the diaphragm and other core muscles. The Parasetter can be used on all levels: lying, sitting, kneeling, standing.

If you don’t have a parasetter, a foam roll and two foam yoga blocks can be used.

Please also have a theraband, yoga strap or long scarf.

To buy a parasetter
or Amazon




Embodied Anatomy Mat & Parasetter/Foam Roll

Click button below for register for a single session.

If you don’t have a parasetter, foam roll and foam yoga blocks can be used.

Pilates Reformer

Click button below for Pilates Reformer
2 person minimum by 9 AM the day of the class


Embodied Mat Class

  • foam yoga block or book
  • theraband, yoga strap or long scarf
  • chair

Parasetter/Foam Roll class

  • parasetter or foam roll
  • theraband, yoga strap or long scarf
  • yoga block or book

Schedule for August
Weekly themes for all Classes

  • Kissable Available Neck – Text neck issues
    August 3-8
  • Core Has a Back
    August 11-15
  • Hand-Scapula Relationship
    August 18-22
  • No Classes August 24 – September 7