Embodied Anatomy

Exploring Pilates Repertory
with New Awareness

Online classes
with Lesley Powell


Online Classes

  • Pilates Mat
  • Afoot Barre


Online Classes

  • Embodied Anatomy: Pilates Mat class
    Mondays 2:15 – 3:15 PM
  • Afoot Barre
    Saturdays in April 10:00 – 11:00 AM

Single Class $18.
3 class card $45 (good for a month only)

Video will be made of the class.  Good for one week.

Monthly theme
for all Classes

Connections is coordinations.   

Themes for Embodied Anatomy classes

  • April 5-10  Pelvic shift vs Posterior tilt
  • April 12-17 Knee
  • April 19-24 Ankle
  • April 26 – June 1 Waking the Spine for better walking

Afoot Barre

Afoot Barre brings together the best of how the ballet barre teaches you about your legs in standing, Pilates Connection of full body action and yoga.  

A true ballet barre is a wonderful workout for your legs, hips and whole body with flow and fluidity.  It starts by warming up all of your joints from the feet to your head slowly. The barre builds to faster and more demanding coordination of your whole body.  It is a workout of your brain and entire body.

Especially with ACL tears in my knees, getting back to the ballet barre and standing poses of yoga have helped my physicality.  Being older and with an injury, maintaining my physicality is essential.  Walking up stairs can be uncomfortable if I don’t keep up this kind of workout.

Saturday 10 AM in April

Classes are recorded.  For all levels.
No dancing experience necessary.

Mat class

  • foam yoga block or book
  • theraband, yoga strap or long scarf
  • chair

Afoot Barre

  • Chair
  • wall
  • yoga block or book

Any financial difficulties, please email me about taking class at a price that you can afford.