Pilates Instructor Training Program - Lesley A. Powell

“Lesley is a master! She is truly the BEST there is in NYC I’ve taken others and no one comes close to her expertise and her amazing teaching skills.”

“Lesley Powell is a true talent! Her depth of knowledge about human movement, anatomy, and Pilates is very impressive. More importantly, here ability to explain and break down the intricate details regarding how a Pilates reformer machine targets the various muscles in the body is a real gift. I look forward to taking more classes from her in the future.”

“Lesley Powell is such an inspiration. She creates a fun and comfortable learning environment backed up with immense knowledge. 
Two thumbs up!”

“The course book is well organized and helpful. I love the book resource list, the explanations for the exercises are clear, the example routines are helpful, and the information about special populations is valuable. Lesley Powell at Movements Afoot is spectacular. The way she thinks about Pilates and movement is very deep and profound. Her teaching is both expansive and specific. Because she helped me physically feel the difference in my body in just two days, I feel that much more confident of teaching what I learned. She also uses the BBU materials very faithfully, so I feel that the materials are an extra tool that I understand how to use.”

“Lesley is by far the BEST presenter you have in the NY region. Leslie teaches! That’s very different than presenting the material and that’s it. She is brilliant, and as a teacher she has the ability to captivate the 16 or so girls in my training. She makes pilates fun, challenging and she takes the time to speak to each of us individually to better our knowledge in Pilates. She truly cares! I am blessed having been taught by Lesley!  Cheri Wild


A true teacher, one with a presence, an individuality, charisma, and sense of humor. She taught like we all knew it already. With ease, patience, and poise. She owned that chair like a queen owns her throne, she shined with her smile, the fiery red of her hair, her laughter, her approvals as well as her disapprovals. She had a way to talk that was all hers. At first it didn’t make any sense, but then it clicked, and it made all the sense that I needed. You couldn’t learn Lesley, you had to patiently absorb what you could, and continue coming back for more.  Giovanna Gamma