Be Mind Body

Lesley A. Powell brings together her unique career as a dancer, choreographer, world acclaimed Pilates instructor, movement educator and artist.

Movements Afoot was founded with the philosophy of teaching people the basic concepts of movement theory: proper movement initiation, integrating breath with movement and spinal integrity, by equipping people with the necessary tools for a lifetime of fitness and wellness.  Lesley incorporated the best education in the somatics field.

Lesley Powell has appeared in many articles about Mind Body Fitness including Elle, Newsday, the Village Voice, Shape Magazine, etc.

Art by Lesley A. Powell

Embodied Anatomy: Sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Week classes w. Lesley A. Powell

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction is improper movement of the joints at the bottom of the spine: the sacrum to the pelvis. When the movements are imbalanced, this can result in pain in the low back and legs. I have SI Dysfunction. I primarily got it from my dancing....

Thoracic Lumbar Juncture July 7 – 11.Mat.Reformer.Parasetter w. lp

Thoracic Lumbar Juncture is where a lot of problems happen in the back.  There have been past cues to press the ribs down that acerbates the problem.  Locking the ribs down can create more hypermobility at the Thoracic Lumbar Juncture as well as problems with the...

The Importance of Rotation. Online Mat. Reformer.Parasetter w. Lesley Powell

No classes 6/30-7/5Rotation is at almost every joint of our body.  Our walking uses rotation to mobilize us in space.  Walking requires rotation at the spine and lower/upper limbs.  Our everyday actions of getting into a car, walking and even cooking requires...