Be Mind Body

Lesley A. Powell brings together her unique career as a dancer, choreographer, world acclaimed Pilates instructor, movement educator and artist.

Movements Afoot was founded with the philosophy of teaching people the basic concepts of movement theory: proper movement initiation, integrating breath with movement and spinal integrity, by equipping people with the necessary tools for a lifetime of fitness and wellness.  Lesley incorporated the best education in the somatics field.

Lesley Powell has appeared in many articles about Mind Body Fitness including Elle, Newsday, the Village Voice, Shape Magazine, etc.

Art by Lesley A. Powell

Come Together!   The body, nature and creativity.

I took a wonderful painting workshop with Jennifer Pochinski.  We collaged our favorite images together and then painted on top of it.  I have been intriqued by some flamingo statues, images from dance and sports, anatomy and of course nature.  This new work brought...

Anatomy Dances: B. Fundamental for Change in Function w. Lesley Powell

Much of the movement principles in Pilates education is due to Eve Gentry, who studied with Irmgard Barteniefff.  Bartenieff Fundamentalstm are wonderful biomechanics principles that teach better function and addresses how the body moves in space.  Come join us...

Embodied Anatomy & Afoot Barre w. Lesley Powell

Embodied Anatomy is a movement meditation. By changing your mind, can change your body.  Your thoughts can color how you move.  Your thoughts come from different senses of touch, smell, seeing, feeling and your brain.  It can be applied to any movement practice:...