I attended my first dissection this August with Todd Garcia, Director/Dissection Master.  He was amazing how he could dissect the layers of fascia around the muscles.  One could see the amazing connections of our bodies.  Biotensegrity is a fascinating journey in trying to find better ways to understand how our bodies move.

Biotensegrity: New Models of the Body’s Anatomy

with Lesley Powell
November 17, 2019 . 1 – 4 PM $195
Perfect P
osture Pilates
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Science is having us look at the body differently.  Graham Scharr and Rudolph Laban both are fascinated by the numerous examples of geometric patterns and shapes in nature and its relationship to the body. New research into fascia is changing how we understand the foundations of support within our bodies.


  • An introduction to new models of anatomy
  • How principles of Biotensegrity, Space Harmony and new research about fascia are models of dynamic movement   
  • Applications will be made to Pilates, yoga and other movement modalities. 

Anatomy Dances –New Ways to see the Body

A journey about anatomy and movement by Lesley A. Powell

Anatomy Dances is about the shifting dances around the body to create and support movement.  Lesley A. Powell brings together her studies of anatomy, Bartenieff Fundamentalstm, Biotensegrity, dance, fitness training, Laban’s Space Harmony, Pilates, somatic practices and yoga.  Past learning of anatomy is to see the body in parts. Sometimes learning needs to start basic by learning names of bones and muscles. Eventually one has to come to see the body as a complex coordination of phrasing of muscles around our joints.

Workshop day 10 AM – 5 PM
Morning Session only $150
Full day workshop $500
at Westside Dance Physical Therapy. 53 Columbus Ave.. #402 

To register: movementsafoot@me.com

  • February 8. 2020   Anatomy Dances and the Core
  • February 9, 2020  Anatomy Dances – Arm Dances to the Core
  • April 25, 2020   Anatomy Dances – Legs Dances to the Core
  • April 26, 2020  Anatomy Dances – The Dance of Gait


10 AM – 1 PM  Embodied Movement class 
his is a two hour movement class exploring the theme of each workshop. Exploration will go over bone rhythms and learning how to enhance proper movement sequencing for healthy function. The third hour will highlighting principles of movement class and deeper understanding off Embodied Anatomy.

2 PM – 5 PM Taking it to the next level 
This part of the workshop will go deeper into Embodied Anatomy, how to improve function and applications using Pilates and yoga equipment.  This is especially designed for teachers to develop better skills of observation, lesson planning and physical practices of ourselves and our clients.



Anatomy Dances and the Core – February 8
How we use our core that is getting us stuck in our movements. In this workshop about Pilates and embodied anatomy we will explore a different understanding of the space within the torso and the coordination of the body. By looking at the core as three dimensional, you will be able to understand how the body was designed to move.


  • to understand how the spine moves and efficiently give the correct support
  • Why is neutral important
  • How are cues enhancing or hurting dynamic alignment
  • Understanding tensegrity and enhancing our physicality.

Anatomy Dances – Arm Dances to the Core – February 9
To improve shoulder function, the coordination from the hand to Scapula to the core is essential.  Especially with the increase of hand and wrist injuries due to overuse on our digital technology,  this workshop will explore the anatomy and mechanics of the hand-scapula relationship and its proper function to the torso.


  • What is stabilization of shoulder: its myths and facts
  • Understand anatomy of Hand scapula relationship
  • Understanding the importance of the rotator cuff muscles
  • Improving rotator cuff function during the workout
  • How the arm works in coordination with the torso
  • How the improved shoulder function enhances the core.

Anatomy Dances – Legs Dances to the Core – April 25
Leg Dances to the Core is a workshop exploring the connections of the distal: foot and ankle mechanics to the core. We are addressing balancing the foot and ankle muscles that influences our entire alignment. Our ankles influence our foot, hip and core mechanics. When the Distal relationship is working correctly, the core immediately works deeper.


  • Improving ankle function 
  • Understand how the bones of the legs and pelvis move
  • What is stabilization of legs and hips: its myths and facts
  • Understanding the importance of the posterior leg muscles
  • Improving the coordination of legs to core during the workout
  • How the improved leg relationships enhances the core

Anatomy Dances – The Dance of Gait – April 26
We take walking for granted.  When we lose the ability to walk comfortably, we lose our freedom to do things.  Poor posture, lack of strength and mobility and diminishing balance skills affect our gait.  This workshop is an introduction to how the body moves in gait and how as trainers we can plan a workout that encourages better walking skills.  


  • Improve walking skills with muscular training and balance skills
  • Learn observation skills about gait
  • Address muscular imbalances in
  • Coordinations of foot, knee, hip, spine and arms in relationship to gait