Parasetter Class

Tuesdays 2:30-3:30 PM 
with Lesley Powell   
May 28- June 18
Email Lesley: to enroll 

The Parasetter is a biconvex roll with a center channel to precisely support your thoracic rib cage and allow the spine to float freely. Lying on the Parasetter gives three dimensional feedback about ones ability to use the diaphragm and other core muscles. The Parasetter can be used on all levels: lying, sitting, kneeling, standing.
8 people only
2 person minimum

Classes at Westside Dance Physical Therapy $30 single
53 Columbus Ave # 4 Across from Lincoln Center

Anatomy Dances

See. Feel. Teach with Lesley Powell  

Each class will work around a theme of understanding how the body works. There will be a movement  class with applications to Pilates, Yoga and dance. The class will end how to apply it to your practice and teaching. Lesley Powell brings together her own studies for these workshops: Laban and Bartenieff Fundamentals, Franklin Method, her studies with BodyMind Centering teachers, Irene DOWD, pilates, yoga and dance.

Wednesday June 12,2019. 1:00-2:30 PM

Call to Legs to the Core

Call to Legs explores the relationship of the foot to the core. As one enhances the distal, the foot, new physical connections are enhanced.  Applications will be made to dance, fitness, Pilates and yoga.

Articulating Body – 153 West 27th Street # 806

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