Sensing the Rotator Cuff: Improving Shoulder Function 

Online with Lesley A. Powell $80
July 23 & 30, 2020.2:30 – 4:00  PM
NPCP CEC 3. Live only

The rotator cuff muscles are essential to the function of the shoulder girdle.  We will get a deeper understanding of these muscles and how to wake up their function.  Applications will be made to Pilates exercises

Drawing is the sense of touch. Drawing will teach us about the structures of the rotator cuff muscles and shoulder stabilizers. Our mapping the rotator cuff muscles and other shoulder muscles will teach us about the shoulder girdle. The movement class using pilates will explore the connections of the rotator cuff muscles and coordinating with other muscles for healthy function.

All are welcome. No experience is necessary in drawing.

  • For Drawing Section: drawing and mapping the shoulder girdle and the rotator cuff muscles
    Please have blank paper and some kind of drawing tool: crayons, colored pencils, markers, pastels.
  • For Movement Section:
    Please have some kind of prop: foam roll, overball, books, foam roll, towels