Learning anatomy through drawing with Irene Dowd changed my understanding of the body.  Drawing is touch.  Do not worry about being an artist.  This is for everyone!

December 4, 2022  Sunday 2:00 -5:10 PM
Zoom.   Recording will be made.
The abdominals ,the psoas and the back muscles are powerful muscles in the body. It affects the function of the lumbar spine, pelvis and hip joints. When it is healthy, it contributes to the strength of the core while allowing for efficient movement of the lower extremities. Dysfunction of the muscles of the core can lead to back pain, sacroiliac joint issues and compromises to the hip joints.

Embodiment of the muscles of the core is about waking the senses in your body. A dynamic core has many different flavors depending on the movement.

Drawing is the sense of touch. Drawing will teach us about the structures of the iliopsoas in our torso. Our mapping the core muscles will teach us about the space in our body. The movement class using pilates will explore the connections of the core and the feelings of good healthy function.

All are welcome. No experience is necessary in drawing.

  • For Drawing Section: 1 1/2 hr drawing and mapping the Psoas and the core muscles
    Please have blank paper and some kind of drawing tool: crayons, colored pencils, markers, pastels.
  • For Movement Section:  1 1/2 hr movement class
    Please have some kind of prop: foam roll, overball, books, foam roll, towels


    • anatomy and function of the abdominals, psoas and back muscles
    • its function during motion of the lumbar spine
    • its function during motion of the hip joint
    • its role in creating stability and mobility of the pelvic girdle and SI joints
    • its role during reciprocal lower extremities motions (i.e. walking)
    • how dysfunction contributes to lumbar and SI pain, pelvic torsions and hip injuries.