A well-working engine requires all the parts moving well.  This includes the concept of “spinal engine”.  With my studies with my teachers: Jean Claude West, Feldenkrais, Bartenieff Fundamentals and Pilates, I have come to new ideas about working with the spine.  We all have certain parts of our spine not moving well.

Sometimes pushing too much, forces us to jump over our tight spots.  This reformer series will start with slow movements of rotation, lateral flexion, flexion and extension.  Moving slower, smaller and specific wakes up the tiny muscles along the spine. We will bring this new awareness to full body movements.

Embodied Anatomy Reformer Series: Spinal Engines

3 Fridays  3:30 PM January 12, 19 ,26 
Online.   $120   Registration
Recording is available. Good for one week

Dr. Serge Gracovetsky, a bioengineer, proposed the concept of the “spinal engine” as part of his work on the biomechanics of the human spine. He suggests that the human spine acts as a biomechanical engine.   This three part series is going to explore enhancing the movements of the spine especially for walking.  In our culture of sitting too much, we are losing the freedom of movement of the body.