is Coordination

Your limbs influence your torso.  This is a special coordination and brings in a full body order.  It is dynamic and changing with movement.  Many disconnect in the transitions from one movement to another.   The nervous system needs to be woken up prior to full action. Some tried to fixed the function at the end of the movement.  The secret is creating an endurance of coordination.

This March and April we will explored the awakenings of coordinations of limbs to the torso through classes and workshops.

  • Embodied Anatomy: Pilates Mat class. $18  Mondays  2:15-3:15 PM
  • Parasetter/Foam Roll Class $18  Saturdays 10 AM
  • March 8-13 Hand Scapula and the hips
  • March 15-20 Arms to Legs
  • March 22-27 Spinefull and Hippiness

Recordings will be made of these classes

Anatomy Dances Workshops

Anatomy Dances: Dynamic Stability is an new Call Core to Arms
March 13, 2021 Saturdays 2 – 5:10 PM.  $150 

This workshop goes deeper into shoulder mechanics.  Open and closed chains movements require different coordination of the shoulder girdle and core.  How is your plank pose different and/or the same from a arm circle in open space.  Dynamic stability of the shoulder girdle is a dance with the hand, scapula and the torso.  Coordination is key for correct mobility and strength.   Past cues really have locked down the movements of the scapula and the torso.  Myths of shoulder stability are creating more problems.  In this workshop we will learn new ways to train the nervous system about new connections.


  • Anatomy of the shoulder girdle
  • Muscular connection of shoulder girdle and torso
  • Coordination of hand – scapula to the head – tail connection
  • Closed chain vs open chain

Anatomy Dances : Hippiness and the legs
The intricate design to be able to make level changes

April 10, 2021 Saturday 2 – 5:10 PM.  $150 

Child development from birth, crawling, sitting, standing and walking is the process of making changes at the hips and legs in coordination with the torso.  As we grow older, we forget about these important coordinations of the the legs, pelvis and torso. Bartenieff Fundamentals(™) addresses these lost coordinations and mobilizes.  Applications will be made to pilates, yoga and our movement loves.


  • Identify the movements of the pelvic floor, leg in the hip sockets and the torso
  • Improve sequencing of thigh, hip and spine movement for level changes
  • Address tight structures