IMG_5295I have been training with Marika Molnar, Physical therapist for the New York City Ballet to teach with her new Parasetter.  She created this to help with dancers challenge their nervous systems and core support especially when movement is more complicated and demanding.


The Parasetter is a biconvex roll with a center channel to precisely support your thoracic rib cage and allow the spine to float freely. Lying on the Parasetter gives three dimensional feedback about ones ability to use the diaphragm and other core muscles. The Parasetter can be used on all levels: lying,sitting, kneeling, standing.

Lying on the Parasetter, it gives one feedback about one’s back and core. With the grove, one can feel the back wanting to let go. The Parasetter can be used on all levels: lying down, sitting, kneeling and standing.

How is it different from a foam roll?

  • It is not as unstable as a full roll. This enables you to do more complicated movement that teaches a dancer about core support and the use of breath. An example is doing a fondue series with port de bra. On a foam roll, it would be too unstable.
  • Unique series of training the feet and bring it to standing.
  • Addressing the nervous system so the person learns not to go into poor patterns of tension that affect technique and fitness.

Classes at Westside Dance Physical Therapy
at Westside Dance Physical Therapy
53 Columbus Ave # 4
Across from Lincoln Centerparasetter group photo
$30 single
Please email the teacher about enrollment.

Parasetter Class
6 people only
2 person minimum

Tuesdays 2:30-3;30 
with Lesley Powell
Starting September 20, 2016

Saturdays 2:45-3:45
with Doris Pasteleur Hall
9/24-10/15/2016, 11/19, 12/3

Classes with Lesley Powell

Classes with Doris Pasteleur Hall