Many of us find the study of anatomy to be intimidating and overwhelming – it is a vast subject! In this online Pilates workshop, Lesley Powell breaks things down into digestible pieces by using several unique approaches to her explanation and demonstration to offer this complete Introduction to Anatomy.

Lesley is a teacher of teachers with years of experience who has trained some of the best in the business. In this workshop, she draws on her studies with anatomy instructor Irene Dowd and combines that experience with her own Pilates practice and painting background to present a great overview of anatomy as it relates to Pilates.

Lesley uses the skeleton, drawings, graphics, her one of a kind watercolors, and real bodies to explain the anatomy from many different perspectives. She then works with numerous models where she demonstrates her eye for picking up detail and subtleties in the different bodies, how to correct and why, and then connects this back to the anatomy and how to use the knowledge of the body to make it real and practical for you to use with your clients right away. 

Learn anatomy using all of your senses to give you a different understanding of your body and applications to a sound movement practice.


  • Learn anatomy concepts and terms through Lesley’s drawings
  • Learn about origin and insertion of a muscle
  • Learn how to see anatomy on a client
  • Learn muscle activation techniques to enhance physicality
  • Applications to Pilates Problem solving

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