What is Embodied Anatomy? It is taking concepts of the anatomy and biomechanics of the body and applying it to movement. Besides understanding anatomy and biomechanics intellectually, embodied anatomy is the learning through physical movement, imagery and the senses.  It is the discovery about the spaces inside your body. 

Applying Embodied Anatomy in your Practice 

Embodied Anatomy is a movement meditation. By changing your mind, can change your body.  Your thoughts can color how you move.  Your thoughts come from different senses of touch, smell, seeing, feeling and your brain.  It can be applied to any movement practice: Pilates, fitness, dance and yoga,

Embodied Anatomy is an explorations of sensing your body in different ways. It invites different qualities of tone and texture. Developing better skills of interoception is very important. Interoception is understanding and feeling what is happening inside our bodies. The brain has constant feedback of body’s functions; temperature, need for food and water and your heart rate. Waking up your senses and feelings of your body is essential for wellness. 

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