Details about my upcoming online workshop, Biotensegrity: A New Model of Anatomy and Movement with Lesley Powell on have been released!

I am so excited to announce my upcoming online workshop
Biotensegrity: A New Model of Anatomy and Movement

What is biotensegrity?

Bio is life. 
Buckminster Fuller created the word “tensegrity “  
Tension with integrity.

New discoveries in science are making us look at the body and movement in new ways. Fascial science and the concepts of biotensegrity are providing a new framework for new understanding the foundation of support within our bodies. Past anatomy had us look at our bodies as parts, and levers such as we built traditional buildings. Questions arose as with Dr.  Levin and other leaders in this field about past anatomy and explaining how we move.

How does this relate to teaching movement? Many of the cues in dance, fitness, pilates and yoga ask us to lock body parts into place. For years as a dancer, I tucked my tail under, knitted my ribs together and pressed the shoulders down. These cues didn’t solved the problem and created new problems. I created poor tension patterns. Poor posture could have roots in the feet.

Healthy movements are a three dimensional
coordinations of the body. 

Even a simple action of raising an arm, there are coordinations of entire body: nervous, cardiovascular, muscular systems and maybe more. Biotensegrity is looking at spacial forms from the cell to the icosahedron to try to understand how we move.

Rudolph Laban was also fascinated by numerous examples of geometric patterns and shapes in nature and their relationship to the body. Laban was ahead of his time. His Space Harmony has rich descriptions of how the body moves and how the it adapts to different demands of space. Learn about these new models and how they can inform Pilates practice and teaching.

I am using therabands to give one a visual and kinesthetic perception of biotensegrity in one’s body.  The therabands are a prop to help feel three dimensional phrasing of the body.

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