Movements Afoot’s Embodied Anatomy Classes takes your movement practice to a new level.  When your focus is more in tune with your body, your body learns a better way of moving for strength and mobility.

Embodied Anatomy Mat class Mondays 2:15 PM

Every week there is a theme for the class about your body threaded through a Pilates Mat class.   Changing the focus on your body each week brings new intelligence to your fitness and understanding of the amazing body that we have.

Afoot Barre   Saturdays 10 AM

Afoot Barre brings together the best of how the ballet barre teaches you about your legs in standing and the coordination with your core.

A true ballet barre is a wonderful workout for your legs, hips and whole body with flow and fluidity.  It starts by warming up all of your joints from the feet to your head slowly. The barre builds to faster and more demanding coordination of your whole body.  It is a workout of your brain and entire body.

For those who are new to Movements Afoot’s online classes, we have a special 3 class package for $30 for new clients.  Regular single classes are $18.  If interested, please email for discount link: 

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