DSC_0024I am excited about having a new home for Balanced Body Pilates Teacher program at Studio 26  – 250 W. 26th St.#402. Joy Karley and I are both Balanced Body faculty. This year I will be leading a full program of the equipment modules. Joy will be doing the mat modules as well as Motr and Bodhi.

I am teaching the courses in order of level instead by equipment. I feel that this format  prepares the new teacher how to progress a student as well as working in a studio with limited amount of equipment.

Studio 26 is a perfect example how a studio runs when running privates with limited equipment. All the equipment the reformer, Cadillac, arc, barrel and wunda chair can give your clients different fitness experiences. Getting our clients to the experience whole body connections is quite a task. The beauty of the Pilates equipment is it gives the client a new physical experience and challenges. 

  • REFORMER 1 with Lesley Powell  12/2-3/16
  • APPARATUS 1 with Lesley Powell 1/13-16/17
  • REFORMER 2 with Lesley Powell  2/10-12/17
  • APPARATUS 2 with Lesley Powell 3/17-19/17
  • REFORMER 3 with Lesley Powell  4/21-23/17
  • APPARATUS 3 with Lesley Powell 5/19-21/17

This will be the only series that I will teach this upcoming Fall 2016-Spring 2017.  If you want to start and have not taken Mat, we will come up with a plan for you to start with me in December.
Please email me: movementsafoot@me.com
Joy Karley will be teaching the Balanced Body Pilates Mat courses at Studio 26 this 2017.

To register with Balanced Body click here.  Drag to Studio 26 under Educator

  • *REFORMER I     early: $599, regular $649
  • **APPARATUS I  early $509, regular $559
  • REFORMER II     early $509, regular $559
  • APARATUS II      early $509, regular $559
  • REFORMER III    early $509, regular $559
  • APPARATUS III   early $509, regular $559
  • MAT I    $569 regular, $509 early
  • MAT II   $569 regular, $509 early
  • SUBTOTAL early-bird = $4162,   regular = $4,582.

TOTAL  including course materials of $640 = early: $4802,  regular: $5,222