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3D Core Workshop
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There is a lot of information about the core that is getting us stuck in our movements. In this workshop with Lesley Powell, she talks about Pilates and embodied anatomy so that you can have a different understanding of the space within the body and the coordination of the body. By looking at the core as three dimensional, you will be able to understand how the body was designed to move.


– Look at the design of the bones and how they influence the coordination of the muscles

– Learn how to keep the length in the psoas so you can keep a neutral position of the pelvis in movement

– Learn how to use the transversus abdominis, multifidus, and obliques to help keep better alignment of your spine and ribs during movement

– Apply the 3D core principles to movement on the Mat and Reformer

Reformer Class and Embodied Anatomy with Lesley Powell

This class we will explore the iliopsoas in a reformer class.