Laban’s Space Harmony, Biotensegrity and Shape Flow

In going over my lessons plans for my upcoming workshop on Biotensegrity, I was able to undo some ongoing stiffness in my neck. Shape flow is what baby’s do naturally. All that delicious squiggling is inviting movement in the spine.

As adults we tend to fix or push our spines into shapes. When the spine is stuck even at one segment affects the entire spine. As I find with my clients with stiff spines, they try to push their spines into a position. Sometimes this bypasses the stuck segment.

So I played with bringing shape flow to different parts of my spine. Where did my spine move easily and the opposite felt sticky or stuck. I squiggled my spine in tiny ranges of motions first in different planes and then in more complex spatial forms.

Above is a video explaining the quality of shape flow vs. pushing.

My upcoming workshop in Astoria

Biotensegrity: New Models of the Body’s Anatomy

with Lesley Powell
November 17, 2019 . 1 – 4 PM $195
Perfect Posture Pilates
Phone: (929)-296-9292
23-08 30th Ave.  3rd Floor
Astoria, NY 11102

Science is having us look at the body differently.  Graham Scharr and Rudolph Laban both are fascinated by the numerous examples of geometric patterns and shapes in nature and its relationship to the body. New research into fascia is changing how we understand the foundations of support within our bodies.


  • An introduction to new models of anatomy
  • How principles of Biotensegrity, Space Harmony and new research about fascia are models of dynamic movement   
  • Applications will be made to Pilates, yoga and other movement modalities.