With having ACL tears in both knees, I have had to change my practice in keeping support for my knees.  I didn’t realize how I was compensating to deal with the extra mobility of the knee.  Doing close chain exercises is extremely important for simple actions of climbing up stairs.  This workshop I will address the bone rhythms and the physicality needed in the leg to support for the knee.

Knee Me – Improving the relationship
between the Knee and Hip 

With Lesley Powell
March 27, 2020 3:30-4:50 PM $60
Space Pilates – 900 Broadway #808

The knee is a vulnerable challenged joint. Healthy and well aligned knees help with efficient function. However, incorrect alignment, lack of proper training and injury can cause the knees to become painful as ligaments, joints and muscles are strained. We will look how the knee and hips influence the function of the knees. Open chain is important for building connections. Closed chain especially standing is a different organization. Closed chain is the leading coordinations for Gait and changing of levels.  


  • Understand the anatomy of the leg and its affect on the knee
  • Experience how the function of the knees relates to your hips and feet. 
  • Use Pilates repertory to improve function and balance of 
  • Applications for climbing stairs and walking