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Workshop with Lesley Powell

The breastbone is a reflection of your alignment. Each rib has a joint into the breastbone and spine except for the floating ribs. There are past cues of fixing the alignment of the spine that locks down the ribs. We will explore improving the dynamic movement of the breastbone, ribs and spine. Improving function of the upper body can make positive changes to the entire body.


  • anatomy of the ribs, breastbone and spine
  • Improving the movement of the ribs
  • Importance of breath
  • How the diaphragm moves inside the ribs
  • Observation of movement of ribs on client
  • Rib changes affect the shoulder girdle, core and gait
  • Applications to Pilates repertory

I Pledge Allegiance to my Big Breastbone Salute to Lesley “Turkey in the Straw”

Ohhh, I pledge allegiance to my big breastbone To lift it up and put if forward
‘Til it’s got some tone
Ohhh I pledge allegiance to my big breastbone To fill it up with air until it stands on its own.
I love my breast
I love my bone
I love them both together
And…I love them each alone
Ohhhh I’ll keep working ‘til the cows come home ‘Til it’s sitting on my chest like a telephone
by Penny Fraser, a client at Movements Afoot