Waking up the hands, wrists and forearms can changed the connections to your body.  Especially with our overuse of our hands with our devices, we are creating imbalances in our hands that affect our bodies.

For my new upcoming Embodied Anatomy Reformer:  Discovering Biotensegrity, I have been playing with new hands and forearm series within the Pilates Repertory.  As someone with nerve issues in my hands now, this new practice has given me new relief in my hands.  The distal, hands and feet, are so important in our coordination of our bodies.




Embodied Anatomy Reformer: 
Discovering Biotensegrity in your practice.
Hands connecting to the Feet

3 Wednesdays October 13-27. 2:30-3:20 PM.  $120  Online and live.
Deadline for signup: October 10 Registration
Recordings will be available.
Live class – 5 persons only

Biotensegrity is challenging how we look at the body.  Alignment has been setting body parts in a position.  We are going to look how improving 3D connections translate to the entire body. If your hand connections are off, this can affect the entire body.  We are going to explore certain connections of the hand, forearm and shoulder girdle in the Pilates Repertory and its relationship to the entire body.