Free Online Pilates Mat Class 3/24/2020
& more
with Lesley Powell

Last week I led my first online class.  It was very exciting.  Hopefully you can join next week.

Join me online for private sessions
and for March a free online Pilates Mat Class
Email me to register:

Free Online Class for March

Join me for a free online Pilates Mat class Tuesdays 2:30 – 3:30 PM
Email me to register:

Private Online Pilates Sessions

If interested, I am offering online sessions.  For March I am offering an online private for everyone $100. Depending on what props (mat, yoga blocks, blankets, form roll, balls,etc)  that you have, I will teach online with you around your needs and props.

Let me know

Who knows how long this crisis is going to be?  Let me know your thoughts about more Pilates Mat classes, Pilates equipment classes and special workshops for your needs.

As one colleague said.

Wash Your Hands, get down on the floor and move!

Let me know how I can support your movement needs.