fullsizerender-1Biotensegrity and the Inner Core

“Structure exists because it communicates” by Oschman

Inner core is about exploring the inner-sphere of the body or
as Joseph Pilates would say the “internal Shower”.
It is a continuous, oscillating and omni-directional state of body and mind. 
We will explore on how to bring this soften chain of fascial matrix
into a slowly jiggle/wiggle experience into the Pilates repertoire.”   Doris Pasteur Hall

Fascia Mat Class Saturday 2:45-3:45  $30  October 22, 2016 with Lesley Powell
New research about the body, Biotensegrity and Fascia, is making us look differently at how the body moves. The new approaches to anatomy now sees the facia as webs of fabric rather than the traditional body parts and single muscles.This Pilates Mat class will explore these new ideas of cueing and seeing the body as connections of lines and webs.

Biotensegrity and the Inner Core  
October 22, 2016 with Doris Pasteleur Hall

Saturday 4-7 PM $150

Science is having us look at the body differently.  Graham Scharr and Rudolph Laban both are fascinated by the numerous examples of geometric patterns and shapes in nature and its relationship to the body. New research into fascia is changing how we understand the foundations of support within our bodies.

with Doris Pasteleur Hall 


  • An introduction to new models of anatomy
  • How principles of Biotensegrity, Space Harmony and new research about fascia are models of dynamic movement  
  • Applications will be made to Pilates, yoga and other movement modalities.  


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