Sensing the Psoas Week Online With Lesley Powell 

Mat Class. Parasetter Class. Reformer Class. Workshop. May 19-23

Embodiment of the Psoas is about waking the senses and spaces in your body.  We will explore through Pilates and in the workshop, drawing and movement.

The psoas is more than a hip flexor.  It influences our core and our posture.  We will explore how to engage the coordination of the psoas with a new sense of space in the body.

In the workshop, we will start with drawing.  Drawing teaches you about seeing, movement and anatomy.  Drawing is the sense of touch. Drawing will teach us about the structures of the iliopsoas in our torso. Our mapping the Psoas will teach us about the space the iliopsoas has in our body. The movement class using pilates will explore the connections of the Psoas and the feelings of good healthy function.

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