2016 is already starting to be an exciting New Year!

Doris and I are actively developing how to bring the new concepts to your practice andteaching.  We have been in the studio exploring and developing the material for you. Biotensegrily is revolutionary how we understand the body: the living and moving body.
Doris and I have decided to postpone our Biotensegrity seriews until the fall.  Our goal is make the experience of Biotensegrity, a new physical connection to the body.
I was in Miami, Fl.  at The House of Movement  to teach workshops on Posterior Lateral Hip, Psoas, Fascial Release and Shoulder Revolution.  If you are ever in Miami,  this wonderful studio offers Pilates, Gyrontonics, Water Exercise and a unique vision of “functional fitness”.   Can’t wait to go back.
I was in Princeton Fitness and Wellness teaching Twisted Reformer, a Balanced Body course in February.  I return March 6 to teach Balanced Body’s Reformed Core
Major changes are happening for me in the next month.  New website, New Home for teaching. Stay tune!