Discovering Biotensegrity in your practice. 

As living beings, we all have biotensegrity.  It is a phenomenal structure that allows us to move.  An older person shuffling has a changed biotensegrity.  Certain coordinations and strength has diminished.  In the reformer class we are going to look at building three dimensional supports and keep connecting it to the coordination of standing and balance.  Building better foundations of support are great in the Pilates Repertory.  The connections and coordinations are different in as you move upright and in space.

Embodied Anatomy Reformer: Exploring Biotensegrity

3 Wednesdays July 14-28. 2:15-3:05 PM.  $120
Online and live.  Recordings will be available.

Biotensegrity is challenging how we look at the body.  Alignment has been setting body parts in a position.  We are going to look how improving 3D connections translate to the entire body. If your foot connections are off, this can affect the entire body.  We are going to explore certain connections of the feet, torso and shoulder girdle in the Pilates Repertory and its relationship to the entire body.

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at Space Pilates – 900 Broadway #808 New York