Anatomy Dances: Dances around the Leg Joints. Improving function and its connection to the core  Registration ends January 12

January 18,2020  2:00-4:00 PM with Lesley Powell . $80

This workshop explores the dance around the foot, knee, hip and the core. We will start with addressing balancing the foot and ankle muscles that influences the knee and the hip. Good leg alignment is dependent on a three dimensional coordination of the muscles around the each joint. Applications will be made to the Pilates reformer.

OBJECTIVES: To understand the connections of distal, the foot, to the core.  How to improve function of the legs to bring in new core connections using Pilates Repertory. Underlying good function is dynamic alignment of the spine.

  • Improving foot and ankle function and it’s relationship to leg and core alignment
  • Improving the relationship of knee to hip
  • Understanding the importance of the posterior leg muscles
  • Improving the coordination of legs to core during the workout
  • How the improved leg relationships enhances the core posture and gait. We are especially looking at retraining the foot mechanics in relationship to posture and walking.

To register: 
Text: 917-902-6301

Space Pilates
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