Core is more than abdominals.  Anatomy dances of the core is about how there is a constant dance around joints of the torso for stability and mobility.  The dance starts around first around the harder structures; bones.  Our bones are our moving scaffolding for our other structures. Our bones are surrounded by other structures of muscles, ligaments, discs, fascia, organs and nerves organization.  

When the spine is not moving well, it affects the entire health. A poor habitual posture affects the entire system. Constant compression of certain discs, organs, fasciae will have consequences of poor movement, injuries and health of your internal organs and nervous system. 

Anatomy Dances of the Core February 8 will explore how the spine moves and how to enhance  its movement and physicality. I taught this workshoplast June to teachers and clients. The morning session is a movement class.  The afternoon class will go deeper into understandable how the spine works. Afternoon session will have applications to pilates, yoga and dance. 

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