I took a wonderful painting workshop with Jennifer Pochinski.  We collaged our favorite images together and then painted on top of it.  I have been intriqued by some flamingo statues, images from dance and sports, anatomy and of course nature.  This new work brought about an unconscious picture story.  For more information about my art go to www.lesleyapowell.com  and also sign up for my other newsletter about upcoming new artwork.

I am working on two books: one a picture book of my artwork about anatomy and the other about understanding how the body moves.  

  • Anatomy Dances: A visual journey about the body is of visual images and about how the body moves, I created a series of collages of my paintings of anatomy to tell a visual dialogue about the coordination of the muscles for an action.  On my new website, www.lesleyapowell.com ,  there are posters of this unique artwork to be bought.  There is also options to get the work with a mat and frame.
  • Anatomy Dances:  A journey about anatomy and movement is a written book about the shifting dances around the body to create and support movement. I bring together my studies of art, anatomy, dance, somatic practices, fitness, Pilates, yoga, Laban’s Space Harmony and Bartenieff Fundamentalstm

Due to the writing projects and wanting the materials complete for the next season of Anatomy Dances:  Seeing the Body through Different Lens, these workshops are moving to Spring 2022.  My format is to spread it out so teachers have time to absorb the material and find ways to bring it in their practice and their clients.  I have had the great fortune to study with Irene Dowd on a weekly basis in a two hour class.  This format works great for me with my very busy schedule of teaching and studying.