Anatomy Dances: Waking up the spirals in the spine.

In healthy movement, the spine should be sequencing in subtle shifts of rotation.  The invitation of small movements to promote movement in all the areas of the spine can change your breath, use of core and use of limbs.  When the spine is not sequencing well, we tend to push from other areas.  This can create discomfort.

This November we going to begin exploring our 3D spine.

Core is 3D
November 6, 2022

  • Level I Intro to 3D models about the body: Biotensegrity, Bartenieff Fundamentalstm and Laban’s Space Harmony
  • Level II Deeper Dives how the spine; cervical, thoracic and lumbar moves and how to improve its function.  When the spine is not moving well, there will be hyper mobility above or below the stuck area.  We will use Bartenieff Fundamentalstm to help make changes to the spine.

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