Level I
New lens for Embodiment in your Practice
9 3hr. monthly workshops

  1. Anatomy Dances Bringing 3d in your Physical Practice
  2. Anatomy Dances: Core is 3D.  
  3. Anatomy Dances: Freeing the ribs to enhance the Biotensegrity of the Core
  4. Anatomy Dances : Bartenieff Fundamentalstm: Hand – Scapula Relationship  and its connection to the core.
  5. Anatomy Dances: Dynamic Stability is the new Call Core to Arms
  6. Anatomy Dances : Anatomy Dances : Hippiness and the legs: the intricate design to be able to make level changes
  7. Anatomy Dances: Call to Legs: Distal Relationship to Core
  8. Anatomy Dances : Upper body in Gait
    How the spine moves in gait
  9. Anatomy Dances : Lower body in Gait
    How the legs move in gait

Paid in full $900

Level IV
Case study of working with a client over 6 months time.  Presentation of case study to class mates.


Level II is a documentation through journal writing, simple videos on your phone or tablet of your practice, lesson plans of applications of Anatomy Dances to your teaching.  Ongoing documentation of taking somatic classes.  There will be a series of Embodied Anatomy classes offered by me either online through zoom or recorded sessions.

  1. From each workshop, come up with 3 lessons plans intertwined with your specialty
  2. Document and write about experiencing 20 somatic type classes.  (This is not covered by the tuition) Try a variety of pure somatic classes such as Feldenkrais, Bartenieff Fundamentals(™), etc and other somatic blend classes.
  3. 4 Group mentorship meetings
  4. 2 individual privates with Lesley A. Powell

Level II $900

Level III
Connections is Coordinations
9 3hr. workshops

This series of workshops is a deeper dance into Laban’s Space Harmony, Bartenieff Fundamentalstm,embodied anatomy, history of somatic education, observation, how to facilitate changes in your clients, structures of your teaching sessions, and practice of these concepts in your teaching.

  1. Connections is Coordinations: Foot to Hip
  2. Connections is Coordinations:  Knee to Pelvis
  3. Connections is Coordinations: Tail to Head
  4. Connections is Coordinations:  Hand-scapula to Sacrum
  5. Connections is Coordinations:  Six Limbs
  6. Deeper dives into Laban’s Space Harmony and Biotensegrity
  7. Anatomy of Breath: Shaping:  How the internal affects the external
  8. Learning to see: Observation is a practice and Assessment
  9. Learning and Lesson Planning with Embodiment