Level III
Connections is Coordinations
9 3hr. workshops

This series of workshops is a deeper dance into Laban’s Space Harmony, Bartenieff Fundamentalstm,embodied anatomy, history of somatic education, observation, how to facilitate changes in your clients, structures of your teaching sessions, and practice of these concepts in your teaching.

  1. Connections is Coordinations: Foot to Hip
  2. Connections is Coordinations:  Knee to Pelvis
  3. Connections is Coordinations: Tail to Head
  4. Connections is Coordinations:  Hand-scapula to Sacrum
  5. Connections is Coordinations:  Six Limbs
  6. Deeper dives into Laban’s Space Harmony and Biotensegrity
  7. Anatomy of Breath: Shaping:  How the internal affects the external
  8. Learning to see: Observation is a practice and Assessment
  9. Learning and Lesson Planning with Embodiment