Anatomy Dances

A journey about anatomy and movement by Lesley A. Powell

Anatomy Dances is about the shifting dances around the body to create and support movement.  Lesley A. Powell brings together her studies of anatomy, Bartenieff Fundamentalstm, Biotensegrity, dance, fitness training, Laban’s Space Harmony, Pilates, somatic practices and yoga.  Past learning of anatomy is to see the body in parts. Sometimes learning needs to start basic by learning names of bones and muscles. Eventually one has to come to see the body as a complex coordination of phrasing of muscles around our joints.

5 Day workshop in Okinawa Japan June 24-28, 2019

  • Opening – Anatomy Dances
  • Anatomy Dances and the Core
  • Anatomy Dances – Arm Dances to the Core
  • Anatomy Dances – Legs Dances to the Core
  • Anatomy Dances – The Dance of Gait