When you see beautiful and accomplished movers like Tiger Woods and dancers, their use of space organizes their bodies in a phenomenal way.   Much of our fitness is learning to move in parts.  Connection is a incredible coordination of the body in space.  This video shows concepts of Laban’s Space Harmony in her dancing.

This March we going to kick off with 

  • Level I – March 5, 2022
    Anatomy Dances:  Bringing 3d in your Physical Practice

    Bartenieff Fundamentalstm and Laban’s Space Harmony is a phenomenal approach how the body moves in space and one’s expression. Both also addresses how the body moves three dimensionally whether it is simple walking to complex spiral movements such as tai chi. I will bring examples into fitness, yoga, dance and pilates.

  • Level II – March 6, 2022
    Anatomy Dances: Space Harmony in Movement
    Teaching 3D in your Physical and teaching Practice
    Prerequisite: Level I Bringing 3d in your Physical Practice

    Laban’s Space Harmony are many maps how our bodies move in space.  We are going to observe accomplished movers in each Laban spatial forms: running, tennis, golf and dance. and compared to beginner movers. Action plans will be created with applications how the body moves in space differently. 

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