I have been working on some new artwork exploring the spine.  This month I am filming an ongoing project of mine, Kissable Available Neck and upcoming workshop: Anatomy Dances:  Core is 3D.

When one section of your spine is not moving well, .this affects the entire body.  Especially with our over-sitting and being on our devices, our spine from head to tail is taking a toll.  This month we are going to explore enhancing the movements of the spine through my embodied anatomy movement classes, upcoming workshop December 13 and in future online workshops with Fusion Pilates.

Such as with the neck, the support of the neck is 3D; front, back and side as well as the support of the spine.  Just stretching the neck does not solve issues of neck and shoulder discomfort.  Waking up these tiny muscles with addressing alignment and movement of the spine is essential.

Stand with your head forward.
How does that affect your physicality of your torso and legs?

Place your head in line with your tail.
How does this change your physicality of your torso and legs?

Themes for Embodies Anatomy classes

  • 11/30-12/5.Kissable Available Neck
  • 12/7 mat Upper Thoracic
  • 12/14-19 Thoracic Lumbar Junction

No classes 12/21-1/2