Anatomy Dances Bringing 3d in your Physical Practice

New roadmaps to understand the body:
Laban’s Space Harmony, Biotensegrity and Bartenieff Fundamentalstm

Biotensegrity, Laban’s Space Harmony- 3D and Bartenieff Fundamentalstm are new maps of how the body moves in space:developing better patterns of moving the spine

November 14, 2020   2-5 PM Online workshop w. Lesley A. Powell 

Bartenieff Fundamentalstm and Laban’s Space Harmony is a phenomenal approach how the body moves in space and one’s expression. Both also addresses how the body moves three dimensionally whether it is simple walking to complex spiral movements such as tai chi. I will bring examples into fitness, yoga, dance and pilates. Already in the Pilates world, Eve Gentry, who worked with Irmgard Bartenieff, brought a version of the Fundamentals to her teaching.  Eve has influenced a majority of companies training Pilates teachers with their movement principles.

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