Be Mind Body

Lesley A. Powell brings together her unique career as a dancer, choreographer, world acclaimed Pilates instructor, movement educator and artist.

Movements Afoot was founded with the philosophy of teaching people the basic concepts of movement theory: proper movement initiation, integrating breath with movement and spinal integrity, by equipping people with the necessary tools for a lifetime of fitness and wellness.

Besides being a Pilates studio, Lesley incorporated the best education in the somatics field.

Lesley Powell has appeared in many articles about Mind Body Fitness including Elle, Newsday, the Village Voice, Shape Magazine, etc.

Newsletter-Upcoming news

Fascia & Biotensegrity of the Inner Core 10/22 NYC

Biotensegrity and the Inner Core “Structure exists because it communicates” by Oschman Inner core is about exploring the inner-sphere of the body or as Joseph Pilates would say the “internal Shower”. It is a continuous, oscillating and omni-directional state of body...
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Pilates Equipment and Embodied Anatomy with Lesley Powell starts in October

Pilates Equipment and Embodied Anatomy with Lesley Powell at Rolates 939 8th Ave.  Suite 207 Fridays 1:30-2:30 PM  (starts in October 2016) Click here to register  Each class there will be a theme of about the body and how to bring better function within the pilates...
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Lesley Powell Starts a new Balanced Body Pilates Equipment series soon in NYC

I am excited about having a new home for Balanced Body Pilates Teacher program at Studio 26  - 250 W. 26th St.#402. Joy Karley and I are both Balanced Body faculty. This year I will be leading a full program of the equipment modules. Joy will be doing the mat modules...
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