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Lesley A. Powell brings together her unique career as a dancer, choreographer, world acclaimed Pilates instructor, movement educator and artist.

Movements Afoot was founded with the philosophy of teaching people the basic concepts of movement theory: proper movement initiation, integrating breath with movement and spinal integrity, by equipping people with the necessary tools for a lifetime of fitness and wellness.

Besides being a Pilates studio, Lesley incorporated the best education in the somatics field.

Lesley Powell has appeared in many articles about Mind Body Fitness including Elle, Newsday, the Village Voice, Shape Magazine, etc.

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I have been training with Marika Molnar, Physical therapist for the New York City Ballet to teach with her new Parasetter.  She created this to help with dancers challenge their nervous systems and core support especially when movement is more complicated and...
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PMA Lesley Powell/The Neck and Thorax: Restoring a Kissable Available Neck

    Many of our clients come in complaining of neck pain. This is especially prevalent now as so many of us are in flexion working at computers, driving and sitting. This workshop is about the mechanics of the neck and thorax and how to create better...
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Lesley Powell is moving to Studio 26- NYC

I am so excited of joining Studio 26 for teaching of my privates, classes and workshops.   What I miss about Movements Afoot as my own studio, is the sharing and passion of teaching and understanding the body. I know many of the teachers at Studio 26. We have much in...
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