At times our own tension patterns unground our bodies.  When our backs are hyperextended, we have pushed our bodies into a position.  We haven’t addressed the patterns of chronic tightness.  Adding a new pushing tension pattern on top of a chronic tension pattern creates another poor tension pattern.  As we learn to let go of poor tension patterns,  the body can find a true organic support for any movement.

Reformer Series Grounding: The Power of feeling the down before the up.

March 3-17  3 Fridays  3:30 PM. Online.   $120

In our attention to getting our workout done fast and strong, we forget about the most fundamental part of movement. Whatever our position; floor, quadruped, sitting or standing, how your body uses the ground is essential. Awareness of your sensing the ground is the precursor for successful movement.

When we ground, our connections to our body deepen.   Quickly stand on a leg.  Observe what you use to assist this movement.  Now pay attention to your entire foot feeling the ground.  Slowly shift weight on one leg and lift opposite leg up without losing the grounding forces of your standing foot.  How does this change your physicality.

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