In my studies with teachers of BodyMind Centering, there is a wonderful image of the body having six limbs.  There are your two legs, two arms, head and tail for the six limbs. Another great image is naval radiation of feeling your center energized to your six limbs.  How you energized your six limbs changes your core support. This coordination is your connection to better support and alignment.  This May we will explore in this in a Embodied Anatomy reformer series and in Mondays’ mat class.

Embodied Anatomy Reformer:  Core has Six Limbs
Fridays May 6-20, 2022. 3:30 – 4:30 PM $120. 
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The core is more than the abdominals.  The best connections to phenomenal support of the body includes the limbs.  When the body loses a connection, it affects the entire body.  Coordination is connection.  We will address 3-D training of the body.  Without the front, there is no back.

Recordings will be available. Good for one week