Pilates and Embodied Anatomy.

A Core Call to Arms

“Embodied anatomy improves function” Eric Franklin

Old ways of seeing anatomy is to view the body in parts.  Leaders in Biotensegrity show us functional anatomy is a constant dance around the body.  This workshop will first explore the dance of anatomy of the core and arms.  A lot of training is locking down the torso and shoulder girdle which is contraindicated to good function. Applications will be made first to pilates mat and the second section to pilates equipment.

with Lesley A. Powell

Saturday March 4, 2017

Embodied anatomy and Pilates mat 1-3 pm Early bird discount by 2/15/17 $60,  $75

Applications to Pilates equipment (includes mat section) 1-5:15 PM 

Early bird discount by 2/15/17 $150, $175


  • An introduction to new models of anatomy
  • Applications of anatomical principles
  • Improving functionality
  • Applications will be made to Pilates, yoga and other movement modalities. 

Arms Dancing with the Core. 3/4/2017