Over a decade ago,I started writing on Bartenieff Fundamentalstm and how I was using it in my teaching.  With the running of Movements Afoot as a Pilates Studio, this was put on a back burner.  I am happy to announce getting back to this and incorporating my art work.

Anatomy Dances: A journey about anatomy and movement

Anatomy Dances is about the shifting dances around the body to create and support movement.  I bring together my studies of anatomy, my art, somatic practices, Pilates and Laban’s Space Harmony and Bartenieff Fundamentalstm.

Bartenieff Fundamentalstm are modular components about the biomechanics of the body.  BF addresses function and how the body moves 3 dimensionally in space.The beauty of Bartenieff Fundamentalstm (BF) can be a short hand about a movement. For example walking is a combination of BF principles; pelvic and lateral shift with the diagonal..  Bartenieff Fundamentalstm and Laban’s Space Harmony is a phenomenal approach how the body moves in space and one’s expression. Both also addresses how the body moves 3 dimensional where it is simple walking to complex spiral movements such as tai chi. I will bring examples into fitness, yoga, dance and pilates. Already in the Pilates world, Eve Gentry, who worked with Irmgard Bartenieff, brought a version of the Fundamentals to a majority of companies training Pilates teachers.

From Laban Space Harmony helps to describe how the body moves in space.  How does the move differently in ballet, fencing, golf, tai chi to karate.  Traditional anatomy has look at the body in planes.  How does the coordination change as the body makes different shapes in space? Laban was a man ahead of his time. Looking at biotensegrity.  Laban’s Space Harmony is a rich map describing how the body moves and organizes